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Breathe. In and out…slowly. Did you do it? I know it’s probably been a little rocky lately. Just take a moment while you’re reading this to breathe.

I’m sure it’s been spoken to you that you need to take it easy or be more aware of how much time you devote to working or other responsibilities in your life. And I get it, sometimes other people just don’t understand what type of season God has you in. But being a busy girl myself, I’ve learned that busy girls need rest too. Busy girls need to be busy doing God things and not running their own show. Often times, we’ll take on way too much and sometimes, it’s hard to find time for ourselves, our homes or maybe even God. Even in my own life, I’ve learned that it can be easier to say yes rather than no to opportunities. But that is why I am here to share with you all my heart on busyness and the dangers of it. Not to condemn you, but to empower you and help align you with God’s perfect will.

Quieting our lives before Jesus, and presenting our schedules to Him is God’s hearts for our lives.

I love the fact that Mary sat at the feet of Jesus in Luke chapter 10. (Definitely recommend reading the entire story) For one moment, we were able to see a perfect picture of God’s heart for our relationship with Him. Mary and Martha while under the same roof, were in two different places spiritually. While Mary decided to remain planted, Martha chose to remain busy/distracted. There were things that needed to be done around the house (God isn’t opposed to taking care of business – He understands and cares) But quieting our lives before Jesus, and presenting our schedules to Him is God’s heart for our lives. We’ve missed the mark when planning comes before we surrender our hearts to God each day.